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Apps with 'Real-time processing' feature

  1. A real time audio synthesis engine, and an object-oriented programming language specialised for music.

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  2. Interactive visual programming environment for music, audio, and media.

  3. XSplit VCam makes cutting edge background removal and blurring possible with any webcam, without the need for expensive green screens, and complicated lighting setups.

  4. Isadora is the award winning, interactive media presentation tool that allows you to follow your artistic impulse.

  5. Vuo lets media creators make interactive animations, exhibits, performances, and professional-grade media projects by connecting up simple building blocks.

  6. Orca is an Esoteric Programming Language and live-coding environment for musical experimentation. In Orca, each letter of the alphabet is an operation, lowercase letters operate on bang, uppercase letters operate each frame.

  7. Cabbage Studio is a sophisticated combination of DAW and audio development environment. The studio offers a modular interface for constructing sounds driven by Csound with the power of .

  8. PraxisLIVE is an open-source, visual programming environment. Experiment with and create projects using a visual patching system coupled with the power of programming in Java, Processing and GLSL.

  9. Synthesine is a web playground for synthesizing sound waves from scratch. You can use it to create sine waves, white noise, and other building blocks of sound, and then pass these through modular components to synthesize more complex sounds like bells and whistles.

  10. Nyquist is a language and IDE for sound synthesis and music composition. It is implemented in C and C++ and runs on Win32, OSX, and Linux. Nyquist combines a powerful functional programming style with efficient signal-processing primitives.

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  11. I wanted to build a music creation tool that is easy to use, accessible and free. Zupiter is a synthesizer and step-sequencer that runs in a browser, meaning you don't even need to download and install any software to use it.

  12. Create beautiful designs and product mockups in seconds. Mediamodifier is a new kind of interactive design tool. Choose a template and insert your content - all online, anytime, on any device.

  13. Explore Digital circuits online with CircuitVerse. With our easy to use simulator interface, you will be building circuits in no time. CircuitVerse contains most primary circuit elements from both combinational and sequential circuit design.

  14. Wavepot is a live-coding environment for creating sound and music. Build sound and music compositions on-the-fly using JavaScript and save your projects right to GitHub.