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    Bring your workspace together into one unified app. It’s everything your team has been looking for in a productivity and messaging app, but easier, and all with your email. Welcome to the shortest path to done.

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    1.  Unified inboxView e-mails (or similar) from all accounts in one unified view with Spike.
    2.  Dark ModeSpike supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.
    3.  Email OrganizerSpike allows you to take control of your inbox by filtering and control tools.
    4.  Cloud SyncSync your data (notes, documents, bookmarks, etc.) across your different devices and to the cloud.
    5.  Multiple Account supportSpike support multiple accounts without the need to logout and login
    6.  RemindersSpike allows you to set reminders for tasks, events or actions, based on parameters of time, place or condition.
    7.  Real time collaborationMultiple users can work together in Spike simultaneously.
    8.  Live PreviewInstantly see what your files and documents look like as you create them.
    One powerful space for all your work needs—get email, chat, notes, tasks, calendar and audio/video calls all from your inbox
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