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Apps with 'QuickLook File Preview' feature

  1. macOS is a Unix-based operating system, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is designed to run on Macintosh computers, having been pre-installed on all Macs since 2002.

  2. Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions:

  3. This package allows macOS Finder to display thumbnails, static previews, cover art and metadata for most types of video files.

  4. By default, macOS doesn't provide previews and thumbnails for WebP, a modern image format providing superior, lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebPQuickLook fills this gap by allowing you to see previews and thumbnails of .webp images on your Mac.

  5. iPreview provides quicklook preview for source code, Markdown, Jupyter, Webp, Avif, 3D Model and any more file types in macOS Finder, Quicklook, Spotlight.

  6. Accelerate your workflow with the Quick Look conveniences that only Peek can deliver: text selection & copying, scroll restoration, syntax highlighting, & more.

  7. QLStephen is an Apple OSX Quick Look plugin that lets you view plain text files without a file extension. It is useful for reading files like README, INSTALL, CHANGELOG, Makefile, Rakefile and CapFile (files that the default Quick Look plugins don't handle).

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