Apps with 'Planning' feature

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    Tredict is a professional platform for endurance sports athletes and focuses on concise workout planning, prediction and analysis without distractions and a fair price tag. All modern sports watch manufacturers are supported. Coaching is free.
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  1. OrgFinances by BinaryHouse is an easy and convenient accounting tool for home users, sole traders, small businesses and organizations.

  2. Kontentino enables advertising agencies and their clients to seamlessly collaborate when creating and approving social media content/ads.
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  3. Say goodbye to expensive task management tools. Procezo is free for life digital workspace.
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  4. Planzone is a collaborative project management software that enables teams to collaborate by sharing to-dos, documents, wiki pages and schedules.
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  5. Pickate is a service aimed at easing the process of group decision-making in many common situations.


    See The old service is discontinued, and now it is a commercial service for music events

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  6. A simple, graphical project planning tool. Quickly build and share professional milestone plans to track key deliverables - Free sign up.
  7. Atollon Lagoon Project Management is solution for multi-project organizations. Projects may be both ad-hoc or well structured, where the project management is more about managing business processes.