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Apps with 'Pipelines' feature

  1. GitLab is a on-premise or hosted Git repository management tool. It also includes code reviews, issue tracking, wikis, and continuous integration.

  2. Simply is the CRM that you will actually use! It has all the features you can wish for, is designed for humans - and we are offering free support in your local language 24/7.

  3. RDA automates IT DataOps with low-code software bots and pipelines authored in AIOps Studio. RDA lets you go from data to insights and action in minutes. ITOps personnel, professional service teams and MSPs can accelerate AIOps/Observability projects.

  4. Benthos is a resilient stream processor for performing common and mundane stream tasks and is able to connect to a wide variety of sources and sinks. See more: .

  5. Setting up an environment to create and deploy microservices used to take forever. With Microtica it's ready – set – go!

  6. Orchest is a web based tool for creating data science pipelines. Under the hood Orchest runs a collection of containers to provide a scalable platform that can run on your laptop as well as on a large scale cloud cluster.