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Apps with 'Convert Photo to Painting' feature

  1. is a free and very capable image editing software for Windows. Great alternative to Photoshop for people that do not need all the stuff PS offers.

  2. Online photo editor, which can work with PSD, XCF and Sketch files (Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch App). Convert between PSD, XCF, JPG, PNG and many other formats.

  3. Infinite Painter is an advanced painting app created for mobile with natural brushes, realistic blending, and an unparalleled toolset.

  4. Black Ink is a digital painting software that uses your computer's rendering hardware to provide a perfectly responsive experience no matter your picture's size.

  5. Deep Art Effects AI-based photo editing software represents creative one-click imaging from camera to art gallery. With just a few clicks, users generate digital art from their selected photos or videos.

  6. PhotoPad picture editor is the fastest and most fun way to edit your digital photos. PhotoPad is one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive photo editors available.

  7. With Studio Artist's AI Assistance you can Turn your Photos into Unique Paintings and Drawings - Generative Art for NFT's, Generate 1000's of images automatically - Automatic Rotoscoping of Videos into Animations - Auto Photo Mosaic and lots more!.

  8. Deluxe Oil Paintings of Family & Self Portraits have always been perceived as photo medium for the royalty.

  9. Dreamscope turns your photos into amazing paintings! Go from photo to art in just one tap. Upload a photo, choose a painting filter, and magically turn it into fine art.

  10. Buy & Sell handmade gifts, craft, vintage, and supplies - Home made items, gifts, cards, jewellery, art and vintage items. A new UK Marketplace for homeworkers and small businesses. - Craftbay Marketplace

  11. Ever thought about turning your photos into a piece of art?.

  12. Free cross-platform web app, automatically transforming photos to art with over 120 predefined artistic filters with ability to apply user defined styles by uploading reference images. Has multiple style transfer controls.