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Apps with 'Pathfinder' feature

  1. Eigengrau's Essential Establishment Generator is a tabletop procedural generation tool for towns, NPCs and much more. It creates paragraphs of text suitable to be read directly to players during a game.

  2. MasterScreen is the ultimate set of tools for running tabletop or online roleplay campaigns and managing intricate fictional worlds. Runs on every device without any downloads. Built by nerds and free for everyone.

  3. TaleSpire is an online, digital, graphical way of playing classic P&P Role-playing games with your friends. As a DM, build your campaign in-game and invite your players for sessions. To your left you can watch one of our streams to see for yourself.

  4. TOS+ is a very powerful Character creation and maintenance workbook compatible with both 3.5 OGL & Pathfinder RPG rule systems. Easy to use, supports multi-classes, customizable and can be used Dynamically on a tablet (remote connection) or Laptop.

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