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Apps with 'On-screen Keyboard' feature

  1. Kaspersky AntiVirus offers protection from a range of IT threats and provides the basic tools needed to keep your PC secure.

  2. OpenBoard is a 100% foss keyboard based on AOSP, with no dependency on Google binaries, that respects your privacy.

  3. Free Virtual Keyboard is a free, lightweight, multilingual and finger friendly virtual keyboard.

  4. An onscreen keyboard useful for tablet PC users and for mobility impaired users.

  5. keystarter automation software. you can make a set of 3d button icons with keystroke command scripts and create your own popup menus - clipboards or virtual keyboards.

  6. Uosk is a light tool that opens any ASCII, ANSI, UTF-8 and UTF-16 text file and converts words (e.g. separated by spaces) into buttons. Clicking one button the text snippet is pasted into any text editor (Notepad, WordPad, MS Office, OpenOffice...).

  7. 8vim is an open source, small screen keyboard designed to overcome the limitation of small typing space and provide tools to the user to have full text editor style editing capabilities on any text box he/she is typing.

  8. Kylo is a web browser designed for computers connected to TVs. Kylo has special features like an on-screen keyboard and mouse-enabled zoom controls that make browsing from the couch easy and enjoyable. Kylo is based on the same secure and stable Gecko engine that powers Firefox.

  9. An Xbox Controller Mapper which allows you to simulate mouse and keyboard events, media functions and create process profiles individually, as well as offer the ability to turn off Xbox 360 wireless controller with very low CPU and memory usage.

  10. Make a custom menu to insert favorite Unicode characters in Windows with CatchChar. This menu will consist of only the characters that you use often and add to it.


    No info about app available through official website.

  11. Onscreen keyboard for touch typing assistance.

    • FreemiumProprietary
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Android Tablet
    • iPad

    Get rid of annoying typos with Typewise, the keyboard specifically designed for smartphones.

  12. Perfect Piano is a smartphone app designed to teach players how to play and record piano songs of their own using their smartphone. There are many plugins to allow you to change the sound of the piano to things like a guitar, harp, and cello.

  13. Maliit provides a flexible and cross-platform input method framework for mobile and embedded text input, including a virtual keyboard. It has a plugin-based client-server architecture. Clients can communicate with server via input context plugins.

  14. On-Screen Keyboard Portable is a handy way to bring your settings for the Windows' built-in an-screenkeyboard with you from PC to PC. It will remember your hover preferences and other options and provides an easy way to launch it right from the Menu.