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Apps with 'Object storage' feature

  1. Linode’s cloud computing platform was launched in 2003, to accelerate innovation by making Linux virtual machines simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

  2. Storj DCS is an Amazon S3 compatible, distributed, encrypted, object storage. It is aimed at developers and well suited to serve as storage backend for use cases like: Data storage and backup, multimedia storage and streaming or large file transfer.

  3. Store photos, videos, VMs, containers, log files, or any blob of data as objects.

  4. Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

  5. ObjectBox DB is an easy & fast object-oriented mobile database for Android, Linux, soon iOS. It supports relations, JavaRx, Kotlin. It is 10X faster than SQLite. And POJOs are POJOs.

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  6. Skylable SX is a reliable, fully distributed cluster solution for your data storage needs. With SX you can aggregate the disk space available on multiple servers and merge it into a single storage system.


    project is dead

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  7. pithos provides the ability to build complex object storage topologies spanning multiple regions and focuses on the following:

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  8. This service goal is to offer a simple pricing for S3.It was built to offer an affordable backup solution for Synology's NAS or other devices in Switzerland with replication over 2 data centers in 3 different locations!No egress, ingress, and API F.

  9. Hyper-Scalable S3-Compatible Object Store. Mix Any Hardware. Scale from TB to Exabytes. Transfer Data at 1 Tbps and Beyond. Perfect for Big Data.

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  10. Vitastor is a small, simple and fast clustered block storage (storage for VM drives), architecturally similar to Ceph which means strong consistency, primary-replication, symmetric clustering and automatic data distribution over any number of drives.

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  11. Brightbox provides simple and flexible UK owned and operated cloud hosting designed for 100% uptime. Get started now with £50 free credit. Brightbox is currently offering cloud servers, cloud object storage, cloud databases, and load balancing.

    • FreeOpen Source
    • Linux
    • Self-Hosted

    Elliptics network is a fault tolerant key/value storage. It was designed to handle all error cases starting from simple disk problems upto datacenter failures. With default key generation policy it implements distributed hash table object storage.

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