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    uGet is a lightweight and full-featured Download Manager for Linux and Windows. uGet allows you to download in multiple parallel streams for download acceleration, put files in a Download Queue, Pause & Resume downloads, Advanced Category Management, Browser Integration...

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    1.  LightweightuGet consumes less device resources compared to similar apps.
    2.  PortableuGet can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.
    3.  Command line interfaceuGet either have CLI support or is a CLI-only app.

    Last updated: 2021.5.5 (Windows version), 2020.1.9 (Linux version).

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  2. FreeRapid Downloader is a simple Java downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services.


    the latest version was published in 18th May 2014. See

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  3. NoPing is software that improves pinging in online games. With its unique multi-connection technology, the software keeps your connection in-game!

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