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Apps with 'Mouse Highlight' feature

  1. Key'n'Stroke (previously named PxKeystrokesForScreencasts) displays keystrokes and mouse clicks in an overlay window.

  2. Allows you to highlight the cursor using either the toolbar or hotkeys. Options include spotlight, highlight, drawing on the screen, magnifier or show keystrokes.

  3. A free program that places a highlighted circle or square around the cursor for use in a classroom or doing demonstrations.

  4. SpotOnTheMouse is a mouse pointer and keyboard action visualization software. It makes mouse clicks visible ,it improves the perceptibility of the mouse pointer & it shows the special keys and combinations of keys pressed on the keyboard.

  5. Painter Mouse allows you to make demos and presentations easier to follow for your customers. Enhance the mouse cursor, control the colors, transparency and much more.

  6. A macOS menu bar app that helps you give better presentations, online classes, or video tutorials by letting you annotate any screen, highlight your cursor, and more.

  7. Projecteur is a virtual laser pointer for use with inertial pointers such as the Logitech Spotlight. Projecteur can show a colored dot, a highlighted circle or a zoom effect to act as a pointer.

  8. Simple Mouse Locator reveals the mouse position via a momentary or permanent locator. Hook up to a hot key or gesture; the trigger will cause a customizable ring to be displayed around the current mouse position.

  9. Ripplify is a free, handy and delightful tool initially designed for presenters, trainers and teachers who want to highlight their mouse pointer.


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