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Apps with 'MongoDB' feature

  1. WPN-XM - is a free and open-source web server solution stack for professional PHP development on the Windows platform.


    The last update is from June 2019, and the last release (0.8.6) is from August 2015.

  2. Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability solution for software-based companies that provides key insights into front-end and back-end performance. Sematext encompasses infrastructure, real user & synthetic monitoring, tracing, and logs.

    • Online
    • iPhone
    • Self-Hosted
    Simple Parse Server Hosting. Free migration - It's our job to migrate all your Parse apps. 24/ 7 Support, Multi-Geo coverage, Automated scaling, Dashboard & metrics.
  3. helps startup founders using MongoDB in their stack, automagically create a fully-fledged, entirely customizable online admin interface for their products.
  4. Adaface helps you identify the top candidates for all your tech roles fast. Save crucial engineering time by screening candidates with 750+ custom assessments for on-the-job skills (all programming languages, frameworks, aptitude).
  5. Eclipse plugin for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB. Browse database structures, edit data, detect Oracle Database statements in java projects, compare Oracle Schemas or work with MongoDB comfortably.