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Apps with 'Lovecraftian' feature

  1. Take on the role of a colonial bureaucrat sent to build a steampunk colony in the far corners of the world faced with threats of Lovecraftian horrors and cults, all the while dealing with complex AI colonists with their own quirks and personalities.

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  2. CookieMonster that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks. It sniff your network interface and hijack all cookie. The hijacked cookies can be edit and/or injected in your Firefox.

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  3. They That Feast is a cosmic / Lovecraftian horror game in which your enemies can't simply be observed by the naked eye. Can you walk the line between sanity and survival?.

  4. Conarium casts you in the shoes of Frank Gilman, who has no memory of why he's located in a haunting, Antarctic base. Explore and discover the mystery of why you're there.