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Apps with 'Learning Analytics' feature

  1. Growth-minded professionals need quality feedback to reach their career goals. Matter provides growth-minded professionals with amazing feedback to grow their skills and reach their career ambitions.
  2. Academy Of Mine is an all-in-one platform for course sellers to build their own brand by creating, selling and marketing their courses.
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  3. Easygenerator's all-in-one eLearning software has everything any author needs to create engaging courses in the cloud. No coding, no installation and fully responsive.
  4. Clear insights on how your teams are growing with the skills they are using. Our advanced gamification framework, developed with experts, allows your company to constantly track your growth areas.
  5. ksbooster Script is a tool to analyze websites to find weaknesses related to competition and make a suggestions to improve your website rankings. It also has a module for analysis of technologies used on the website.
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    MagicBox is an award-winning platform that enables publishers and educational institutions to create, enrich, and distribute content through custom mobile and web apps. It also helps publishers to monetize content with the help of a white label eCommerce store.