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Apps with 'Import Images' feature

  1. An image upload site that focuses on easy link sharing on social media, blogs, and forums.
  2. Concepts is the digital design sketchbook of the future. It’s powerful, flexible and smart, so you can go from quick sketches to beautiful and precise illustrations in a single app.

  3. No need to destroy your books anymore. Turn your bookshelf into an e-book library with vFlat.
  4. SHADERed is a lightweight tool for creating and testing HLSL and GLSL shaders. It is easy to use, open source and frequently updated with new features.
  5. Allow your creative imagination to easily compose stunning 3D Interactive and Multimedia Programs! Design Business, Touch Screen Interactive Presentations, 3D Model Show, 3D Animation and Multimedia.
  6. jPDFImages is a Java PDF library SDK to export images from PDF files and to import images into PDF files. jPDFImages can create images from pages in a PDF document and export them as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG images.