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Apps with 'Grouping entries' feature

  1. Bibliography reference manager. The native file format used by JabRef is BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography format.

  2. Nooshub can group articles from your RSS feeds that are similar. That makes it easy for you to compare different viewports on the same topic. It also cleans your feeds and helps to detect trending topics.

  3. LOG4VIEW helps you find areas of code and bugs and identify performance issues. Powerful filters enable you to quickly filter out the log lines you are currently interested in from several millions of log lines.

    1) Message View

The Message View shows a list of all selected messages. Message layout and color can be freely customized. The context menu offers are powerful selection of different filter techniques.
2) Message Details

All details of the currently selected message are shown here. Resizable text boxes allow event the inspection of complex formatted log output like call stacks.
3) Logger Tree

The logger tree shows all loggers in a hierarchical order and permits setting log level filters for each logger individually. The logger tree shows the selected log level of each logger.
4) Search Messages

Use wildcards or regular expressions to find log messages.
5) Message Chart (Version 3.x)

Visualize loggers as state chart, line chart or histogram.