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Apps with 'Game localization' feature

  1. Get quality translations for your app, website, game, supporting documentation and on. Invite your own translation team or work with professional translation agencies within Crowdin.
  2. POEditor is a localization management platform, suitable for collaborative and crowdsourced translation projects. It makes managing website localization, app localization, games localization or other software localization an easy process.

  3. Texterify is a localization management platform which aims to make software localization as easy as possible.
  4. Automate localization processes with Phrase. Edit language files online with your team of translators or order translations into more than 60 languages.
  5. JSONBabel is a tool for translating *.json language files.
  6. Agency for the localization of software products and website translation We help companies to export their products to the world market by catalyzing applications, games, websites, translating texts and creating promo videos.
  7. A utility for translating language packs used in games into a different language. Supports over 50 games, with more games added through small plugins. Simple and easy-to-use interface.
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    • Chromecast
    Applanga is a flexible & easy to use cloud-based platform that automates the translation process for iOS, Android, OSX, Unity and web apps.
  8. i18nexus is designed to manage and automate translations for your website or web application. Integrate quickly and seamlessly with React, Angular, Vue.js and more!
  9. Localize is a very convenient service that provides SDK and online update for iOS and Android apps translation. You can manage your localisation files without the need to think about which version of the app you're updating.
  10. Localize your web applications, mobile applications, games and websites, reach global audiences and deliver faster with a simple, easy-to-use, and developer-friendly localization platform.
  11. Lokalise is a translation management system built for agile teams who want to automate their localization process. A better way to localize your website, mobile apps and digital content into multiple languages.
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    • Linux
    • Self-Hosted
    LocDirect is a game localization CMS designed to simplify collaboration between dev, translator & QA teams. Translate PC, mobile, and console games during development, cut the time-to-market period & reduce loc costs.
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