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Apps with 'Forum Integration' feature

  1. Chamilo is an open-source (under GNU/GPL licensing) e-learning and content management system, aimed at improving access to education and knowledge globally. It is backed up by the Chamilo Association, an international ONG based in Europe.

  2. lernu! is a multilingual website that provides free courses and information on the international language Esperanto. With lernu!, you can learn Esperanto easily and free of charge.

  3. The Public Community lets you build your own social network, and leverage the power of a community to grow your brand. It helps brands build real, lasting relationships with their audience and turn their engagement into revenue.

  4. MemberSpace helps you easily turn any website into a membership business. We're like a digital bouncer for your website. You choose which existing pages and content on your website are for members only and the cost to access. We then automatically enforce those rules for you.