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Apps with 'Facebook Analytics' feature

  1. Sprout Social is a social media management platform used by leading companies across the globe to increase the efficiency of their social marketing efforts, community building and customer support via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Talkwalker is a powerful, easy to use social media monitoring and analytics tool that has been recommended by brands and agencies worldwide.

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  3. Popsters is a Social Media Content Analytics Tool.

    Analyze any pages you want from 10 social media's and get statistics, most popular posts, make competitive analysis and export reports to PDF, PPTX or XLSX.

  4. Build and Manage Online Marketing with Raven's SEO Tools and Social Media Tools. Perform Keyword Research for SEO and Report on Social Media Growth all within one interface.

  5. The most accessible Customer Data Platform, with a focus on e-commerce. By giving business insight through data, it gives businesses the tool to make better marketing decisions. It collects all its data through different touchpoints into one software.

  6. InfoCaptor Enterprise provides free online dashboard to track your social metrics and hook up to any of your database.

  7. VAIZLE is cloud-based social media analytics and reporting tool for those who need actionable insights in the simplest possible way when benchmarked against its competitors.

  8. ReportDash enables you to create highly customizable reports and dashboards from all your important marketing data sources like Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Insights, Bing Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Google Sheets, CSV/Excel and more.

  9. BirdSong Analytics is easy to use and you can run reports on any public Twitter or Instagram account, Facebook Fan Page or YouTube channel. Just use the search bar above to find the account you want to review, add to basket and pay with your credit/debit card.