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Apps with 'Employee training' feature

  1. Heartpace is modern Continuous Performance Management software. Our clients choose Heartpace as OKRs management & Strategic Alignment tool. Develop connections in vision, strategy and objectives for all employees on one platform.

  2. Wyzed® is a platform designed to simplify employee training. Built for efficiency, business owners can easily deliver online training such as staff inductions, pre-hire questionaries, OH & S, and role specific training.

  3. Userlane automates and optimizes user onboarding and employee training. Users are guided in real time through the actual software application with interactive step-by-step, on-screen guides. Our solution works as a navigation system for software applications.

  4. Eduflow is a tool to build and run any kind of learning experience online. Combine a wide range of learning activities together in a learning flow, including videos, submissions and peer reviews.

  5. GuideChimp delivers the perfect product experience, improve digital product adoption, boost adoption of new features and simplify user onboarding with step by step interactive walkthroughs.

  6. HCM Deck is an employee development platform that helps modern companies share knowledge, manage online training courses and improve employee competencies in an easy, automated and cost-effective way.

  7. Fight user churn with great user onboarding! Usetiful is a solution for user onboarding, feature adoption and customer self-service. With Usetiful you can build product tours, checklists and tooltips, all without coding!.

  8. Using Qustn: You should be able to train anyone, using any device, on any topic, from anyplace for the cost of a Starbucks coffee or lower.


    Acquired by PeopleStrong Alt

  9. Newired empowers companies to speed up user onboarding on virtually any web application, by making the user learn and perform on the go. We shall not forget that digital is, first and foremost, for people.

  10. Edloomio is an adaptable Enterprise level cloud learning management system. Since 2012 we create digital learning solutions that engage employees and improve business performance.

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  11. PhishSafety provides realistic phishing simulations and training to help educate your employees and keep your company safe.

  12. Appunfold is mobile first powerful platform innovating in the field of Mobile User engagement & navigation.

  13. When employees need answers, they don't read a manual or click through a course. They search the web, or ask someone. In that moment, they need a resource not a course.