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Apps with 'Employee onboarding' feature

  1. iSpring Learn is a powerful cloud-based learning management system. The interface is straightforward and intuitive so it is easy to start your corporate training just in one day. Upload existing content, invite learners, and keep track of their results.

  2. Process Street is a modern process management platform for teams. We help teams share their core processes, then transform them into powerful no-code workflows.

  3. Userlane automates and optimizes user onboarding and employee training. Users are guided in real time through the actual software application with interactive step-by-step, on-screen guides. Our solution works as a navigation system for software applications.

  4. Eduflow is a tool to build and run any kind of learning experience online. Combine a wide range of learning activities together in a learning flow, including videos, submissions and peer reviews.

  5. HCM Deck is an employee development platform that helps modern companies share knowledge, manage online training courses and improve employee competencies in an easy, automated and cost-effective way.

  6. TeamRock is software built for team leaders who need to recruit with confidence. Create job offers that attract and engage talent, compare and match candidates with the help of AI and automatically notify applicants about your hiring decisions.

  7. Fight user churn with great user onboarding! Usetiful is a solution for user onboarding, feature adoption and customer self-service. With Usetiful you can build product tours, checklists and tooltips, all without coding!.

  8. As your team get bigger, and sometimes scattered across various offices, it's difficult for each of your team member to get to know the rest of the team.

  9. Build step-by-step onboarding and validation workflows to get your clients, employees or suppliers on board. No code required.

  10. provides the industry's first employee-based solution to verify employment. Traditionally, the potential employers conduct verification by checking with the existing/ previous employers, but it does not work in a number of circumstances.

  11. Intellek LMS is a highly customizable, feature-rich and user friendly Learning Management System. Designed for organizations of all sizes and any industry.

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  12. Simple, fast and efficient employee onboarding. Stop your employees from leaving, save onboarding and recruiting costs and create a closer team.

    The new hire dashboard