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Apps with 'Custom shortcuts' feature

  1. Innovative, convenient, fast, feature-packed File Manager, with a unique, powerful and, at the same time, familiar and easy to use interface, designed for all users.

  2. "Siri for Chrome" Completely control the browser without your hands -- say "google what movies are playing near me" to do a search, scroll up and down, click any link, open tabs, open your favorite sites and more all with just your voice.

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  3. Collect active network systems, like a network ascanner, in the local network and send WOL packets to wake up them using their MAC address.

  4. Simple shortcut manager for macOS 10.8 or higher. It lets you execute any command that works in your terminal by pressing a combination of keyboard keys. No rocket science involved!.

  5. Keyboard shortcuts help you work efficiently. Add keyboard shortcuts to common tasks. Use shortcuts that are easy to reach and easy to remember. Get your work done faster.

  6. Keysmith lets you create keyboard shortcuts for any string of actions you can do with your mouse and keyboard. And Keysmith is smart. It isn't just clicking on coordinates, it's aware of apps, windows, buttons, lists, and more.

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  7. Toolbox Pro gives you 110+ powerful new actions to use within Apple’s Shortcuts app.

  8. Customize Chrome's native shortcuts, Create your own shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Bookmark shortcuts, and more.

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  9. Data Jar is a data store designed to be used with Shortcuts. The data store lets you persist key-value pairs.

  10. LaunchCuts is a powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for Shortcuts. Organize and run your shortcuts the way you want to using nested folders, tags, filters, and custom actions.