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Apps with 'Custom Link Alias' feature

  1. provides its users with an customized selection of unique domains to pair with their desired address at no cost.
  2. Add multiple links to Instagram or Twitter and share multiple URLs in one link with your best links in one bio link for an Instagram profile or Twitter bio.

  3. Prime World – more than a MOBA. A unique universe combines fierce session battles with the development of your own castle. Gather a collection of exclusive talents and create an army of unbeatable heroes.
  4. With you can cut mp3 files online. From now you don't need difficult programs to cut and create a ringtone for your mobile phone.
  5. Think of Marble as a super site to gain more exposure on *all* your channels. Marble will combine all of your social accounts onto one link for you to share. By using this link, you make it easier for your audience's on each channel to find you across the web.