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Apps with 'Clustering analysis' feature

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    Free domain email service. Simple, safe, fast, 7/7 free support, and all the essential features a mail service should have.

  2. Number Analytics is a web-based statistical software designed for those who are not good at numbers. No coding needed. It automatically applies suitable statistical models and interprets results in plain English with graphs and color-coded tables.

  3. KCura's Relativity platform is used for ediscovery.

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  4. Create Personas or Customer Segmentation from surveys. Upload an old survey or launch and Akin survey to see your data driven clusters in minutes. Understand what motivates each group as Ai unpacks the clusters.

  5. PelicanHPC is a Debian-based live CD image with a goal to make it simple to set up a high performance computing cluster. The front-end node (either a real computer or a virtual machine) boots from the CD image.

  6. Rocks is an free Linux cluster distribution that enables end users to easily build computational clusters, grid endpoints and visualization tiled-display walls. 100's of researchers from around the world have used Rocks to deploy their own cluster.

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