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Apps with 'Cities' feature

  1. Transport Fever is a railroad-focused tycoon game. As an emerging transport tycoon, the player constructs stations, airports, harbors and makes money by connecting areas requiring transport services.
  2. Cities in Motion (CIM) is a city-based mass transportation simulator for the PC. Players operate their own transportation company, building a public network with a variety of vehicle types, including buses, trams, and subway trains. Represent entire series of Cities In Motion (series) games.


    The series Cities in Motion is no longer developed, but it can be still downloaded from Paradox Store. Its successor is Cities: Skylines

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    Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.
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  3. CivilHub is a free and open-source platform written in Python & Django for the purpose of collaboration in local civic communities.


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  4. A local and civic societal network developed using open source software whose goal is to connect the various actors in a town, including institutions, citizens, community groups and local businesses.
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