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Apps with 'Building game' feature

  1. Build a secret base, gain notoriety by completing daring missions, repel the forces of justice in real-time combat, and develop evil super-weapons to complete your nefarious master plan.


    The game was released on September 28, 2004. It can be still bought from

  2. Golems Universal Constructor or Golems is a 3D recreational physics simulator.


    Program has not been updated since 2010 and requires 32-Java meaning it will not work on Macs running 10.15 or higher.

  3. Building, Crafting, RETRO Sandbox RPG! SwordCraft is a 2D building game in the style of Minecraft, Junk Jack, Blockheads or Terraria. The game is currently in early Alpha testing. Content is continuously being added.


    Official website down, store entry dead (no reviews), last update almost a year ago

  4. Salem is a fully open sandbox MMO with deep crafting elements. The game features permadeath as one of its main ingredients, along with an in-depth character development system without set roles, where the player can chose which kind of game to play.
  5. Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game where players can join together to build air ships(cannons and all!
  6. StarForge is a game about gathering resources, building bases, crafting anything you want, and surviving on an alien planet. Earth's star is dying and humanity transferred as much technology and resources as possible and left on a one way mission to populate another planet.


    The project seems to be no longer updated. Last version, 0.9, released in August 2014, can be still downloded from the official website.

    No screenshots yet
  7. Portal Knights combines the exploration and building elements of Minecraft with the RPG aspects from games such as Zelda. It provides a sandbox, in which players can explore, fight monsters, craft items, and construct buildings, armour and weapons.
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    In Farm Up there are NO ALIENS, NO DRAGONS, NO DWARFS and absolutely NO ZOMBIES!