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Apps with 'Automated code review' feature

  1. SoftaCheck is a web app that helps you write better C/C++ code with fewer bugs. It integrates with your GitHub account and analyzes your code using static analysis tools to detect potential bugs. The app also generates support documentation for your entire code.

  2. ProjectCodeMeter Is a professional software tool for project managers to measure and estimate the Time, Cost, Complexity, Quality Metrics and Maintainability of software projects as well as Development Team Productivity by analyzing their source code.

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    Codegrip is an automated code review tool that makes the code review process a matter of seconds. Codegrip provides detailed code review reports within a few seconds, automatically scans the code for bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities when the developer commits the code.

  3. Parasoft’s C/C++test is the fully-integrated software testing solution for embedded safety-critical industries. Its automated software testing capabilities are also made for today’s high-velocity Agile DevOps environments.

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  4. Axivion Suite includes static code analysis, architecture analysis and tools to identify technical debt to keep sw projects maintainable. It is compliant with coding guidelines e.g. MISRA, AUTOSAR etc. and can be integrated into your DevOps pipeline.