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Apps with 'Auto-Attendant' feature

  1. MIGHTYCALL is the VoIP system designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With MightyCall small businesses can stay connected anywhere, as they are able to field calls on a range of devices, from cell phones to a desktop or desk phone.

  2. Workmon is a cloud system for monitoring computers and recording of staff work time. It allows to increase dramatically the performance of all level employees. It helps people focus on the work without being distracted by social networks, games, etc.

  3. Zenoti icon
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Online
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Chrome OS
    • Android Tablet
    • iPad
    • Self-Hosted

    Zenoti is an all-in-one, cloud- software that helps spas, salon, & fitness studios manage and grow the business. Our mobile solution is easy to use and elevates the guest experience.

  4. Toktumi virtual PBX provides small businesses and home offices with a low cost, reliable, integrated VOIP phone system that fits perfectly with mobile business lifestyle.

  5. High quality managed business phone service. VentureTel manages your business phone system so you don't have to! Save as much as 50% compared to traditional business phone service.

  6. Free employee computer monitoring service. See screenshots, time worked, activity level, apps used and websites visited - all in a browser.

  7. Get a second phone number from EasyLine for your business. Easily organize your business calls, texts, voicemails and contacts. Separate your business from personal life without another device.

  8. We offer clients a fully-featured Cloud Phone System with VoIP-based services that allow users to access our system anytime, anywhere.

  9. RingRoost allow freelancers and small businesses to setup a professional phone system, without having to pay the high prices that come along with other robust call system solutions.

  10. Managed your Onebox account while on the go. The Omebox service turns your iPhone into a completed business phone system. Don't have your Onebox account yet? Sign up today at

  11. Kerio Operator is a standards-based VoIP system that replaces your traditional PBX. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, it saves you money and administration time while offering your users powerful capabilities.

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