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  • Dia

    Dia is a GTK+ based diagram creation program for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows released under the GPL license. Dia is roughly inspired by the commercial Windows program https://alternativeto .


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux FreeBSD Xfce DragonFly BSD NetBSD ... OpenBSD

    • Discontinued No new versions since 2011. Last release, 0.97.2, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • TiddlyWiki

    TiddlyWiki is a highly customizable notewiki for capturing, organising and sharing complex information.


    TiddlyWiki icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web BSD Self-Hosted Xfce

  • LyX

    LyX is a document processor. It combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX, an advanced typesetting system, with the ease of use of a graphical interface.


    LyX icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Xfce

  • RedNotebook

    RedNotebook is a graphical diary and journal helping you keep track of notes and thoughts. It includes a calendar navigation, customizable templates, export functionality and word clouds. You can also format, tag and search your entries.


    RedNotebook icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Xfce

  • Gnumeric

    The Gnumeric spreadsheet is part of the GNOME desktop environment: a project to create a free, user friendly desktop environment. The goal of Gnumeric is to be the best possible spreadsheet.


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    Free Open Source Mac Linux AmigaOS Xfce

  • MuPDF

    MuPDF is a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer. The renderer in MuPDF is tailored for high quality anti-aliased graphics.


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    Free Open Source Windows Linux Android iPhone iPad Xfce

  • Mutt

    Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Xfce

  • Sunbird

    Mozilla Sunbird was a cross-platform calendar application developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Sun Microsystems and many volunteers.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued Development on the Sunbird project has halted and its final release was on March 30, 2010.
  • Icedove

    Icedove is the Thunderbird email client rebranded by Debian .


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    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued In the past, Debian provided Icedove, a rebranded version of , due to trademark issues. In April 2017 the issues have been resolved and the ''Thunderbird'' package is available in all supported Debian releases.
  • NoteCase Pro

    NoteCase Pro is an advanced multi platform outliner that helps you organize your text notes into a document, with individual notes placed in the tree-like structure. Multilanguage support. Active hyperlinks supported.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Xfce

  • Osmo

    Osmo is a handy personal organizer, which includes calendar, tasks manager, address book and notes modules. It was designed to be a small, easy to use and good looking PIM tool to help to manage personal information.


    Osmo icon

    Free Open Source Linux BSD Xfce

  • Clipman

    Clipman is a clipboard manager for Xfce. It keeps the clipboard contents around while it is usually lost when you close an application.


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    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Wiki on a Stick

    Wiki on a Stick (in short WoaS) is a wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML file.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Xfce

  • Orage

    Orage is a new modern calendar application for the Xfce Desktop Environment. Orage has been designed from the start to be quick and easy-to-use.


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    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Xpdf

    Xpdf is an open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files. (These are also sometimes also called 'Acrobat' files, from the name of Adobe's PDF software.


    Xpdf icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Xfce

    • Bundleware The installer attempts to install, via opt-out, a non-free browser bar. Be careful during the installation:
  • Postler

    A super sexy, ultra simple desktop mail client built in vala Postler aims to be easy, simple, clean, beautiful, and automagic. It handles IMAP beautifully, and provides the user with smart, sensible defaults.


    Postler icon

    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

    • Discontinued As announced on Launchpad, development on Postler has ceased.
  • msmtp

    In the default mode, it transmits a mail to an SMTP server (for example at a free mail provider) which takes care of further delivery.


    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Day Planner

    Day Planner is a free software day planner and reminder for GNU/Linux and other Unix-like operating systems


    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Balsa

    Balsa is an e-mail client for GNOME, highly configurable and incorporating all the features you would expect in a robust mail client.


    Balsa icon

    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • Fetchmail

    Fetchmail is a full-featured, robust, well-documented remote-mail retrieval and forwarding utility intended to be used over on-demand TCP/IP links (such as SLIP or PPP connections).


    Fetchmail icon

    Free Open Source Linux Xfce

  • gnome tasks

    Tasks is a simple to-do list application for GNOME.


    Free Open Source Linux Xfce