Gaming-focused Apps

Software is versatile, and doesn’t have to simply cater to one demographic. That being said, there is oftentimes software that has a focus on a target demographic but can also cater to others not interested. Take software such as Discord: It’s a voice and video over IP application that focuses on gaming, but can still be used by others for non-gaming users. Gaming-focused software can set itself apart with high performance and a more “hardcore” aesthetic.

  1. All-in-one streaming software with an amazing community, 24 hour support team, and 50% less CPU than OBS. Stop streaming like it's 1998, download it now!


    As of October 17th, 2018, Bebo has dropped support for streaming and is focusing on a tournaments based project instead.

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  2. Ultimate Edition, first released in December 2006, is a fork of Ubuntu and Linux Mint , meant for gamers and low resource computers.
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  3. SignalRGB is a free program which allows you to control all of your RGB devices in one application. Experience synchronized lighting effects across your devices from all major brands.
  4. IntegerScaler is a free utility for pixel-perfect integer-ratio scaling (a.k.a. integer scaling) of games with no blur. For example, at the Full?
  5. RESET Collection is an emulation frontend that is easy to set up and beautiful to look at! Users are amazed by how simple, quick, and painless it is to add your games and have a sleek game collection UI with box art, backdrops, and more!.
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  6. Game Drift Linux is a new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Linux. Game Drift has been optimized to deliver to you the best possible gaming experience on Linux.


    The distro is no longer updated. Last version, released in September 2011, can be still downloaded from the official website.

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    • FreeProprietary
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Windows Phone
    • Linux Mobile
    Gameram is a social network for everyone who plays games! Mobile, PC, consoles or board games – everyone is welcome. Post screenshots and videos, post your gaming IDs to play together, laugh at funny moments and support each other with tips and advice.
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  7. Take gaming to the next level with OMEN Gaming Hub, OMEN's dynamic software solution. Optimize your hardware, earn real-life rewards, manage your games, play remotely, and more. Think of it as a rare in-game item that boosts all of your character's stats.
  8. jdMinecraftLauncher is a OpenSource Minecraft Launcher written in Python. You need Java and a Mojang Account to use this programm.
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  9. Game Cravings is your ultimate gaming destination providing game length, CYRI, characters, system requirements and latest news & guides for everyone.
  10. A new, transparent live streaming platform. Community focused. Creator Driven. Brime offers free built-in multi streaming to all major platforms. Users can stream 4K 120 FPS video with bitrates up to 20k.
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