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  • PokéMesh icon


    PokéMesh is an Android app that improves your Pokemon GO experience by displaying all the Pokemon, Pokestop and Gyms available around you or in the selected area.


    Free Web Android

    • Discontinued In January 2017, the developer received a Cease and Desist order by Nyantic and closed his website.
  • Geosophic icon


    Geosophic offers location based leaderboards for free for mobile game developers. Other interesting extra features are location based analytics as well as game cross promotion through a 'trending games recommendation engine'.


    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

    • Discontinued The official website and the service are no longer available. Their last tweet ("Farewell and goodnight" - has been posted in September 2014.
  • Cover Orange icon

    Cover Orange

    A dangerous cloud carrying deadly poison rain is on the move, and it’s up to YOU to save the exposed orange population.


    Commercial $ $ $ Mac OS X iPhone iPad

  • Tower Duel icon

    Tower Duel

    Tower Duel is a Multiplayer Tower Defense Game for iOS and Android. Compete with your custom built Deck in ranked online matches. Place Towers to create a maze, while sending Attack-waves to overcome your opponents Defense.


    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Cursed eGi icon

    Cursed eGi

    Terrorize a village near your cave, eat villagers and fight powerful heroes. Villagers will try to stop you and send out their best heroes. They will discover new weapons, armors, traps and magic.


    Freemium Android Android Tablet

  • Apkecho icon

    Apkecho makes it easy and fast for you to download Android games and apps for free.


    Free Open Source Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Android Self-Hosted

  • Stonies icon


    Secure the survival of your kin, master the harsh wilderness and help your tribe evolve!.


    Free Android iPhone iPad

  • mobile9 icon


    mobile9 is an app store and more. Truly open, truly social. Millions of members are sharing the fun and billions of free downloads served.


    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Eristica icon


    Eristica is a P2P platform for video challenges. We leverage the technology of blockchain and smart contracts to give our users the most fun, transparent and profitable way to participate in challenges all over the world.


    Free Web Android iPhone

  • Team Monster icon

    Team Monster

    Team Monster introduces players to a mysterious island archipelago inhabited by adorably vicious monsters and a colorful cast of characters.


    Commercial Android Android Tablet

  • Hero Gladiator icon

    Hero Gladiator

    Hero Gladiator is a very interesting cartoon style RPG game. Player in the magic world play a four team challenge evil. Experience of brutal fighting, to win the final victory.


    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Battleheart icon


    Enter a world of epic fantasy combat! Battleheart distills some of the greatest elements of roleplaying games and real-time strategy into pocket-sized form! Create a unique party of heroes, and lead them in frantic real-time battles...


    Commercial Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Kingdom in Chaos icon

    Kingdom in Chaos

    A magical RPG world of adventure awaits you. You will meet heroes and goblins, friends and foes! But you won’t be alone, as you walk this path you shall gather a powerful team by your side.


    Commercial Android Windows Phone

  • Bowling Online 3D icon

    Bowling Online 3D

    A multiplayer bowling game for Android devices which can be played solo or against other players online using your Google account. Game is played by swiping up on touch-screen. Ball speed is set by how fast screen is swiped.


    Free Personal Android Android Tablet

  • Mogees icon


    Mogees turns every object around you into a unique and powerful musical instrument. Play the world!.


    Commercial Web iPhone

  • Pocket Buddy icon

    Pocket Buddy

    Pocket Buddy is a casual mobile game centered around growing exotic cannabis plants and crafting goodies.


    Free Android

  • Burger - Big Fernand icon

    Burger - Big Fernand

    From the creators of Burger by Magma Mobile. This time, you are a brand new employee at Big Fernand and your job is to serve as many clients as fast as possible.


    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

  • Easy Streak icon

    Easy Streak

    WHERE EVERY FAN CAN PLAY Easy Streak hosts Sports Pool where fans pick teams not fantasy players for cash prizes.


    Commercial iPhone iPad iOS

  • Burger by Magma Mobile icon

    Burger by Magma Mobile

    You are hired in a chain restaurant to serve clients as fast as possible to earn money and even tips for yourself. Take orders from your customers and make a recipe among sandwiches, garnishes, desserts and sodas.


    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

  • Robomint icon


    ROBOMINT Game SHOWCASE in World's first software "BUILDBOX.COM" Website.


    Free Android

  • SwappyDots icon


    Match-3 puzzle game like you've never seen on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Unlike similar games in the genre color matching is achieved by swapping the dots with the hole, as opposed to swapping with other dots.


    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad

  • Angry Fly icon

    Angry Fly

    This is ? story of a great love, which is in danger, threatened by a Carnivorous plant.


    Free Android Android Tablet

  • Joggle Brain Training icon

    Joggle Brain Training

    Joggle trains your brain with workouts that exercise your speed, memory, and focus. Play brain-training games that put your abilities to the test, so you can live at your best. Think faster. Learn better. Be sharper.


    Free iPhone iPad

  • Front Yard Wars icon

    Front Yard Wars

    Join one side: cats or dogs. Build your village, raise an army and cooperate with others to defeat your enemy. Crush your opponents with lasers and advanced warfare. .


    Freemium Windows Mobile Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

    • Discontinued The game is not available anymore.
  • PickCrafter icon


    PickCrafter is a simple idle video game where you mine gems, collect pickaxes and discover treasure filled biomes! Once it is running and you have unlocked gear, you will receive gains even if the game is not running the next time you log...


    Free Android iPhone Windows Phone iPad Steam