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The proliferation of smart devices has led to the proliferation of games that can be played on them. Titles such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds have become household names and multi-million dollar world renowned properties. These games typically have short, addictive gameplay loops that can be picked up and put down whenever users have a free moment on the move.

  1. Cover Orange (Series)

    • Mac
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    A dangerous cloud carrying deadly poison rain is on the move, and it’s up to YOU to save the exposed orange population. Represent entire series of Cover Orange games.
  2. Hero Gladiator is a very interesting cartoon style RPG game. Player in the magic world play a four team challenge evil. Experience of brutal fighting, to win the final victory.
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  3. A magical RPG world of adventure awaits you. You will meet heroes and goblins, friends and foes! But you won’t be alone, as you walk this path you shall gather a powerful team by your side.
  4. Enter a world of epic fantasy combat! Battleheart distills some of the greatest elements of roleplaying games and real-time strategy into pocket-sized form!
  5. Team Monster introduces players to a mysterious island archipelago inhabited by adorably vicious monsters and a colorful cast of characters. Features: - Collect over 100 monsters, with unique special abilities and animations.
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  6. Have you ever missed the classic family entertainment of the wooden Ludo board that we used to play on as kids?
  7. Brutal Street's sequel has finally come to fruition! the coolest gangster battles have returned! Playing in 2P Mode, shooting barrels, picking up HP potions and weapons, and, of course, kickin' some serious enemy butt!.