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  • aTalk

    aTalk is an XMPP client that supports the following features: * Instant messaging in plain text and End-to-End encryption with OMEMO or OTR * OMEMO encryption is available during multi-user group chat session, giving users maximum...


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    Free Open Source Android

  • Easy Phone Launcher

    Easy Phone Launcher is an application developed to simplify and facilitate the use of modern smartphones to people with vision problems, people with dyslexia or for people who love the simplicity and have difficulty using the technology.


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    Commercial Android

  • Easy Phone for Blind

    Easy Phone is an application designed for people who are blind or visually . It can be used in 'touch', or even use the voice recognition system to execute commands or write text messages, emails and notes.


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    Free Android

  • Safe Drive Phone

    Application developed to allow you to drive safely and use your smartphone. You can search for contacts, make calls, read and write text messages without distraction from driving.


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    Commercial Android

  • Talk to the Deaf

    Talk to the Deaf is an application (Multilanguage) for deaf people, allowing a deaf person to communicate with a hearing person.


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    Commercial Android