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  • Atlassian Clover

    Atlassian Clover provides Java and Groovy code coverage for software testing. Spend more time writing code that does stuff than code that tests stuff.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Grails Maven Ant

  • Jira Mobile Connect

    JIRA Mobile Connect is a free, open-source library for collecting feedback and engaging with your mobile users to improve the quality of your application.


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    Free Open Source iPhone iPad

    • Discontinued
      No longer compatible according to the JIRA interface
  • Atlaskit

    Atlaskit is Atlassian's official UI library for React. The UI components are Atlassian Design Guidelines(ADG) compliant, reusable, well-maintained and accessible.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted React

  • OpenClover

    OpenClover is a free and open-source code coverage tool for Java, Groovy and AspectJ. It's based on the open-sourced version of Atlassian Clover®, the world's most sophisticated code coverage tool.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Jenkins Maven

  • Magnolia CMS

    Magnolia is an open Java CMS that delivers smartphone simplicity on an enterprise-scale.


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    Free Open Source Windows Linux Web

  • stts

    stts helps you monitor the status of various cloud services. With a click of the menubar icon, you can see the status of your favorite services. You can also be notified when a service goes down or gets restored.


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    Free Open Source Mac

  • Blotter.js

    A JavaScript API for drawing unconventional text effects on the web. Overview When applying effects to text on the web, designers have traditionally been constrained to those provided by CSS.


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    Free Open Source Self-Hosted