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  • Pling

    Pling Messenger is a push-to-talk voice messenger that helps people communicate quickly and naturally. Send messages to individuals or groups with the brevity of a text message and the personality of a human voice.


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    Free Mac iPhone

    • Discontinued
      The official domain is now used by an unrelated website and the application has been removed from the Mac and iPhone App Stores.
  • Beamrise

    Beamrise is a next-generation Internet social browser that unites browsing and chatting. Beamrise goes one step further and brings your favorite messenger with you as you surf the Internet.


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    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      The Beamrise download link has been taken down.
  • Trackpal

    Trackpal offers automated reporting for digital marketing & SEO professionals. We understand the pain that comes with monthly reporting. It needs to be reliable, accurate and done fast, month after month.


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    Commercial Windows

  • Trailmix

    Want to know the hardest part about keeping a journal? Actually keeping one. Like most habits, it's easy for the first few days, but soon a lack of motivation or simple forgetfulness sets in. That's why we built Trailmix.


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    Commercial Web

  • Battery Master

    Need to know how long you can watch your movie on your iPod? Wanna estimate how long you can talk over your mobile network? Or some times you need to make sure the battery left is enough for finish the game play for the next level...


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    Commercial iPhone

  • Designbook

    What do all startup founders need? More time, passionate collaborators and investors! Designbook is the place where you as a startup founder can find the people and money that you need to launch and grow your startup in a new, efficient...


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    Free Web

    • Discontinued
      Website/service unavailable.
  • FriendCaller

    With FriendCaller Web Phone, you can make free VoIP calls and cheap phone calls. Use it from a browser, a iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Nokia SIP Phone. Talk to your friends for free as long as they are connected to the Internet.


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    Freemium Web Android iPhone S60

  • SiteHelp

    Real-time online chat for your web site. Talk and monitor you visitors. Xmpp/Jabber online chat. Feature rich, fully customizable. Free plan with no limit per conversations.


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    Freemium Web

  • Spaxtel

    Spaxtel is the best callback service alternative to JAJAH.


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    Commercial Android iPhone Windows Phone

    • Discontinued
      Website/service unavailable.
  • Sports Bar VR

    Experience the game of pool in immersive virtual reality with some of the most beautiful visuals and realistic physics around.


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    Commercial Windows Steam

  • is a free Git hosting site powered by GitLab, hosted by Sapphire. Sign up for FREE, via Sapphire Accounts Reasons to use GitGud.


    Free Open Source Web Git

  • GTalkSMS

    GTalkSMS enables you to control your android phone through Google Talk/XMPP (send/receive SMS, make calls, locate your phone via GPS, activate WLAN or Bluetooth, etc.). It can be useful for those who prefer typing sms on a real keyboard.


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    Free Open Source Android

  • iGlasses

    Enhance and adjust your webcam's video settings from within any app, including Skype, iChat, FaceTime and even web chat.


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    Commercial Mac


    Movies are a amazing way that have made a very strong effect on us over the last years. Moviea are a excellent way of art in which figures talk and carry out feelings that contact our minds and hearts.


    Free Web

    • Discontinued
      domain for sale
  • Shush

    Problem: Voice chat is awesome, but sooner or later you’ll send something you wish others hadn’t heard. Solution: Shush solves this problem by providing simple hotkey microphone management.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac

  • World Around Me

    World Around Me - WAM - is the perfect tool for travelers, tourists or locals who want to know everything about what’s around them.


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    Freemium Android iPhone Android Tablet

  • PeerVPN

    PeerVPN is a software that builds virtual ethernet networks between multiple computers. Such a virtual network can be useful to facilitate direct communication that applications like file sharing or gaming may need.


    Free Open Source Linux

  • connects you to experts instantly via chat! During a project that we (the founders of were working on... we needed to talk with experts instantly, on a daily basis.


    Free Web

  • Togethr TV

    Watch anything, together. Chat with your friends and comment the video in real time.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome

    • Discontinued
      homepage down
  • Clubhouse

    Clubhouse is a space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world.


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    Free Android iPhone

  • DistBin

    distbin is a distributed pastebin. i.e. it is a service where anyone can post things on the web, and others can react by posting anywhere else on the web (including here). Of course, there are lots of other places you can post things.


    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted

    • Discontinued
      Website no longer available, GitHub page not updated since September of 2019.
  • Now&Me

    Now&Me improves people’s mental health and works towards eradicating loneliness from their lives through a moderated peer support framework supplemented by informative content and preventive sources.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad

  • MicMute

    MicMute is a small program that will enable you to easily manage the level of a connected microphone. The software uses tray notification balloons and it also has a sound signal option you can activate.


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    Free Windows

  • SlickReader

    Slickreader is a personal news reader that brings together people to talk about the world. News reading: With first-class iOS, Android, and web apps, Slickreader is an easy and organized way to read the news wherever you are.


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    Free Web