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  • Sidewise Tree Style Tabs

    A dockable sidebar for Chrome featuring vertical Tree Style Tabs, Tab Hibernation, and much more. * Tree Style Tabs: organize your tabs in a tree view.


    Sidewise Tree Style Tabs icon

    Free Mac Windows Linux Chrome

  • GetDiz

    GetDiz is a fully featured text editor which can replace Notepad while maintaining an incredible speed, ease of use and small size. You can display and edit any text files with GetDiz.


    GetDiz icon

    Free Windows

  • QuotePad

    Most information entered into your computer notepad is copied and pasted from somewhere.


    QuotePad icon

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      Website/app no longer available.
  • Wiki on a Stick

    Wiki on a Stick (in short WoaS) is a wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML file.


    Wiki on a Stick icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Xfce

  • Amimetic Write

    Write is a notepad and journal optimized for Android Honeycomb Tablets. You can use it to take notes, to write journal entries or for other text editing tasks.


    Amimetic Write icon

    Commercial Android Tablet Kindle Fire

  • Org-roam

    What is Org-roam? Org-roam is a Roam replica built around the all-powerful Org-mode. Org-roam is a solution for effortless non-hierarchical note-taking with Org-mode.


    Org-roam icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux GNU Emacs

  • Flashnote

    Flashnote is a quick notes manager created for such cases. When you need a rough copy to save or to process some pieces of a text, Flashnote is small, quick and convenient.


    Flashnote icon

    Free Windows Linux

  • Speechnotes

    Dictation Notepad - Free Online Speech Recognition Text Editor Web App for Chrome.


    Speechnotes icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Jarnal

    Jarnal is an open-source application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal, making a presentation, annotating a document - including pdf - or collaborating using a stylus, mouse or keyboard.


    Jarnal icon

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Aubrey's gVim

    Aubrey’s gVim is, well, Aubrey's gVim! The project arose out the his personal desire to use Vim as my HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript editor.


    Aubrey's gVim icon

    Free Open Source Windows

  • EverEdit

    EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text, source and binary editor for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003+).


    EverEdit icon

    Commercial Windows

  • NPPCrypt

    NPPCrypt is a plugin for Notepad++ that will allow users to encrypt, decrypt text as well with create hashed messages/text and random blobs.


    NPPCrypt icon

    Free Open Source Windows Notepad++

  • To-Do DeskList

    To-Do DeskList, free desktop to-do list software * Simple, nice looking and easy-to-use interface * To-Do Notes placed directly on your desktop * Assigning priority levels to to-dos * All to-dos can have a...


    To-Do DeskList icon

    Free Windows

  • TwistPad

    Twistpad is a fully featured text and code editor for Windows. Twistpad can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or a featured packed editor targeting web and software developers.


    TwistPad icon

    Commercial Windows

  • AnnoPad

    AnnoPad is an URL Specific Notepad. With this tool, you can create notes for specific website addresses.


    AnnoPad icon

    Free Web Chrome

  • Uosk

    Uosk is a light tool that opens any ASCII, ANSI, UTF-8 and UTF-16 text file and converts words (e.g. separated by spaces) into buttons.


    Uosk icon

    Free Open Source Windows

  • Linked Notes

    Linked Notes is a Wiki style notepad for your desktop computer. It provides a simple way to organize your notes and keep them private.


    Linked Notes icon

    Freemium Windows

  • Large Text File Viewer

    Have you ever felt frustrated when you just want to look at the content of a large text file but it takes forever for Notepad or Word to open it? This program was designed for viewing large (>1GB) text files.


    Large Text File Viewer icon

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      The official website is no longer available.
  • minipad2

    minipad2 integrates many useful functions into one program including notepad, calculator, reminder, dictionary, launcher, address list, text template, and clipboard enhancement.


    minipad2 icon

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      The official website is no longer available. Last version, 3.2.0, released on November 28th, 2010, can be still downloaded from Wayback Machine.
  • GhostMouse

    GhostMouse is a mouse automation utility for Windows. It allows you to record mouse sequences and replay them. Also it can run scripts wroten by its older paid version ReMouse and save them, but it doesn't have event triggers.


    GhostMouse icon

    Free Windows

  • TrayIt!

    TrayIt! - minimize to the system icon tray any program (Outlook Express, Notepad, Word, Internet Explorer, Sunbird, Thunderbird, Opera, OpenOffice etc.) and get more room in the Taskbar!


    TrayIt! icon

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      The official website is no longer available. Last version,, released on June 2008, can be still downloaded from Softpedia.
  • Smart Kit 360

    Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one app and is half the size of a common "standalone tool" application like compass, translator or a ringtone maker app.


    Smart Kit 360 icon

    Free Android

  • Emerald Editor (Crimson Editor)

    Crimson Editor is a professional source editor for Windows. While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for programming languages such as HTML, C/C++, Perl, and Java.


    Emerald Editor (Crimson Editor) icon

    Free Open Source Windows

  • Idea Notebook

    Never forget another brilliant idea. Log, organize and track your ideas and more with the Idea Notebook.


    Idea Notebook icon

    Free Android