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  • Artconomy

    Artconomy is your online marketplace for custom art, especially art of your characters!.


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    Free Web

  • RadaeePDF Master SDK

    The framework is completely customizable with a full featured set of API and flexible classes. RadaeePDF Master SDK allows you to read, annotate, manipulate, do text searches and extractions, and much more besides.


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    Commercial Windows Linux Android iPhone iPad

  • Discreet

    Where are you? Do you need a ride? Where do you want to go to? A social messaging app built with privacy in mind. Will only send out your location constantly when you are in an emergency. No constant battery drain in the background.


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    Free Android

  • Audio Memos

    Audio Memos is a voice recorder for the iPhone and iPad. What you'll really like about Audio Memos, is that you can actually HEAR your recordings (try it and compare, you'll hear what we mean).


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    Free iPhone iPad

  • dotMemory

    dotMemory allows you to analyze memory usage in a variety of .NET and .NET Core applications: desktop applications, Windows services, ASP.NET web applications, IIS, IIS Express, arbitrary .NET processes, and more.


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    Commercial Windows

  • Geotag Photos Pro

    Add GPS capabilities to your camera for the fraction of the cost of a dedicated GPS logger.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone iPad

  • Advanced Email Parser

    Automate processing emails from various mailbox types. Parsing email, extracting data, store attachments, write parsed data to a database, excel sheet, etc.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • Endless Online

    Endless-Online is an online MMORPG which lets you experience life online, as a warrior fighting monsters and being the best out there.


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    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      In July 2015 the server was compromised and the client is no longer available for download from the official website.
  • IdeaOnce

    IdeaOnce is a graphic designing web application that lets you start designing with your niche & thematic templates or from scratch. Design your next visual masterpiece with us.


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    Free Self-Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)


    ADINA is a commercial engineering simulation software program that is developed and distributed worldwide by ADINA R & D, Inc.


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    Commercial Windows

  • HIIT Interval Buddy

    Let Interval Buddy help you with your high intensity interval training - a popular method of high-impact cardio fitness training that reduces time spent in the gym and makes cardio training less of a bore.


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    Free Android iPhone

  • Cyclope

    Cyclope Computer Monitoring Software is an advanced time tracking app measuring employees’ productivity without invading their privacy.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows

  • Embird

    Software for designs (patterns) management, digitizing and lettering. 70+ embroidery, cross stitch and quilting formats for home and industrial machines.


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    Commercial Windows

  • AirBrowser

    Air Browser gives you a full desktop internet browser experience, but without a PC. All you need is an iOS device and an Apple TV (or a supported HDMI Cable).


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    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone iPad tvOS

  • Kaktus App

    Kaktus App connects travelers and locals worldwide based on their interests and preferences.


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    Free iPhone

  • Avast AntiTrack

    Get advertisers off your back. Disguise your online identity for greater privacy. Stop invasive online tracking Websites collect information on you to build a unique online profile that advertisers can identify you by.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Android Android Tablet

  • SierraSoft Roads

    SierraSoft Roads is a BIM software for the design of roads and highways. The BIM functions of SierraSoft Roads allow you to produce, modify, share, and analyze road information models.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • RealVantage

    Co-invest in overseas real estate, vetted by industry experts. At RealVantage we source, vet, and expertly manage real estate investment opportunities to help you diversify investments like never before.


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    Free Web

  • Now4real

    Imagine being able to see if there are other people viewing your same web page at the same time and to fire up a live group chat.


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    Freemium $ $ $ Web Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • NeoDCP Player

    NeoDCP Player is an elite class software to play Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) with focus on the highest quality of the output.


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    Commercial Windows

  • Mapwel

    Mapwel was designed to be used for custom GPS maps creation by both professionals and hobbyists.


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    Commercial Windows

  • BizAway

    With BizAway you can reserve Hotel, Train, Flight, Cars and more all in one platform!.


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    Free Web Android iPhone iPad

  • IceCube

    IceCube lets you create animations of 3D models. From manuals, to training, to remote maintenance, till marketing, the application can be used as an effective tool for the presentation of complex contents.


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    Free Personal Mac Windows

  • Memo HD

    Memo HD is a simple stickers application that let you store your notes with password. You can create, Offline notes, Cloud notes shared on all your devices with iCloud.


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    Free iPad