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  • BlueGem

    BlueGem is a great RichText Editor and its a great alternative to Notepad (if you are looking for one). It has a same look like Notepad (except the Toolbox). If it didn't have the toolbox you would think you was using Notepad.


    BlueGem icon

    Free Open Source Windows

  • CalcPad by tekagen

    CalcPad is a smart notepad that calculates answers based on what you type in. It allows you to type in math expressions, assign variables, define functions, convert units, add units together and much more.


    CalcPad by tekagen icon

    Free Windows

  • CryptoPad

    CryptoPad is a simple notepad like application that works with encrypted files. Users can open,edit and save encrypted files using CryptoPad without any other application, and everything is easy and transparent.


    Free Personal Windows

    • Discontinued
      The app is no longer available.
  • - Note Anything, Anytime, Anywhere! A simple yet powerful notepad in the cloud.


    Free Web

  • RecordGram

    RecordGram offers a multi-track studio and production marketplace combined. It's an innovative way to both discover new sounds and share your own compositions with the world.


    RecordGram icon

    Freemium iPhone iPad

  • TextMorph

    TextMorph is a FREE powerful ASCII text formatter. It is also a text editor, similar to Notepad.


    Free Windows

  • iSumsoft Product Key Finder

    Find/recover lost product keys for Windows, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, VMware, Adobe and other software installed on PC.


    iSumsoft Product Key Finder icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows

  • Day Clipboard Utility

    It automatically captures every text or image copied (CTRL+C) and saves them in TXT and BMP files.


    Day Clipboard Utility icon

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
  • Sea Battle

    The game we’ve all known since childhood, now with new features and an extended arsenal!.


    Sea Battle icon

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • SwiftKit

    SwiftKit is a Toolkit designed for Runescape players by conveniently bringing together all common RuneScape tools and features from all over into one single application. SwiftKit is an unique browser.


    SwiftKit icon

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Runescape

  • iNote

    iNote is a simple and quick sticky notepad app. This helps you organize your notes, memos, messages, emails, shopping lists, check lists and to-do lists by COLOR. Taking color notes with iNote is never easier than before.


    iNote icon

    Free iPhone

  • Export Master Category List for Outlook

    This free utility allows you to save categories from the Outlook Master Category List to a text file in XML format. After you save this file, you can edit it in any text editor, even Windows Notepad.


    Export Master Category List for Outlook icon

    Free Personal Windows

  • PHP Code Play

    In this PHP Code Play application, we can be learning about php. Also, we focus most of the PHP versions like PHP 5 PHP 7.2 PHP 7 versions.


    PHP Code Play icon

    Free Android iPhone iPad

  • System Restore (VB script)

    Page provides simple vbscript that can be created and saved in notepad, and run with a double-click. Currently limited to allowing itself to be run only once per day, but could be easily modified to allow more frequent running of it.


    Free Windows

  • Import Folder Structure for Outlook

    This free utility imports the Outlook folder structure from XML files that can contain the whole complex hierarchy with information about folder types and permissions. When you import an XML file, you can select any mailbox or folder.


    Import Folder Structure for Outlook icon

    Free Personal Windows

  • Personal Notes File

    Notefile is an alternative application to the old Windows Cardfile program and it can read CRD files created by that program. Notefile extends the functionality of Cardfile by adding compression, encryption, etc.


    Personal Notes File icon

    Free Personal $ $ $ Windows Linux

  • Export Folder Structure for Outlook<

    This free utility exports the Outlook folder structure to an XML file retaining the folder types (mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.) and customized user permissions.


    Export Folder Structure for Outlook&lt; icon

    Free Personal Windows

  • Brewer

    Brew and sell beer in an economic strategy game about managing your own brewery and pubs.


    Brewer icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows Steam

  • Easy Phone for Blind

    Easy Phone is an application designed for people who are blind or visually . It can be used in 'touch', or even use the voice recognition system to execute commands or write text messages, emails and notes.


    Easy Phone for Blind icon

    Free Android

  • WeNote

    WeNote is simple and easy to use. You can create color notes, to-do lists, reminders and calendar quickly.


    WeNote icon

    Freemium $ $ $ Android

  • Graphixy

    Graphixy is a standalone program designed to get x and y graphical co-ordinates of an image.


    Free Windows Linux

  • TypeAccent

    The easiest way to type foreign accent characters in any language. Set the language, press a character, then F2 - to cycle through the alternatives.


    Free Windows

  • Cincyplanet Photography 101

    Learn photography basics with experienced photographers. Covering the basics of photography from depth of field, composition and exposure.


    Cincyplanet Photography 101 icon

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone iPad

  • Helical Insight

    Helical Insight software is world’s first business intelligence framework which helps you to make sense out of your data and make well informed decisions. Helical Insight is an open source developer friendly BI framework.


    Helical Insight icon

    Free Mac Windows Linux


    Sharing text or code over internet now made easier and faster than ever before! Kl1p is an online notepad which allows you to store any type of text whether plain or rich or even programming codes.


    Free Web