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    Venom88 Boss with 128918 points

    AlternativeTo symbiont

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    OmgItsTheSmartGuy Contributor with 19067 points

    Knock knock. Who's there? Don't use. Don't use who? Don't use Internet Explorer.

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    Ola Owner with 17569 points

    Hello! My name is Ola and I'm a appaholic. My colleague Markus and I built this site because we always wanted to find good alternatives for all the applications that are out there. And please help us by suggesting more applications! Thanks for using the site!

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    em4020 Moderator with 12696 points

    I am interested in empiric reports with PROs + CONs of applications. I am a fan of & enjoy to find & give here comparative information about distinguishing application features. I use WinXP, Vista, Win7 & BlackBerry 9860, I like Win7, Delphi, portable apps, Waze & virtual machines.

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    Thelle Administrator with 10508 points

    Love software & services that make my life easier and AlternativeTo is a great way of finding the best apps out there!

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    AntumDeluge Administrator with 8311 points

    Software junkie. I like finding, testing, and making free software. Involvements: alternativeTo (admin) Debreate (owner), Stendhal (dev).

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    CharleyBoy Slacker with 8065 points

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    Ugotsta Administrator+ with 5803 points

    Insane tech fanatic, I love software so I love AlternativeTo. Feel free to message me to talk tech or say hi. :)

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    s_ktt Contributor with 5561 points

    Always seeking the best tools to accomplish a given undertaking with a leaning towards opensource.

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    christopherlupo Administrator with 4712 points

    The Internet is my operating system. Computer Science undergrad at North Carolina State University and aspiring web developer

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    kscalvert Moderator with 4428 points

    Software developer of 20+ years, Linux and OSX fan and user.

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    Phmgmt2012 Contributor with 4272 points

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    DevilishVicious Contributor with 4107 points

    Hey..RUN!! It's the software POLICE!! :P

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    nunomegas Contributor with 3943 points

    Computer Science Engineer.I dedicate lots of time in researching new freeware software (both games and programs).

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    manwithcake Contributor with 2699 points

    Just a guy, living in the now, enjoying experimenting and using the various free and open-source alternatives available. My primary machine is a dual-boot Xubuntu 11.10/Kubuntu 11.10. I also have a dual-boot laptop with Xubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7 and a secondary desktop with Lubuntu 11.10/Windows XP.

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