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    Venom88 Boss with 1321 points

    AlternativeTo symbiont!

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    AntumDeluge Administrator with 727 points

    Software junkie. I like finding, testing, and making free software. Involvements: alternativeTo (admin) Debreate (owner), Stendhal (dev).

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    This is $AK Hashmi. I m a Blogger, an Articler, a PC Sales & Service Consultant, an app Developer, an app reviewer, a an Online Promoter, a Social Media Marketer, a SEO Expert, a SEM expert a Link Builder, an Amazon Affiliate, a Click Bank Affiliate

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    OlaMohammad Moderator with 125 points

    Good programs make me love Programming more.

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    philrj Contributor with 117 points

    Philip Ryan Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate in Mass Communication & former Assistant Professor of Public Relations at the S. I. Newhouse School, Syracuse University. @PRjohnson consulting, digital/social research, communication planning.

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    tomy Contributor with 99 points

    My grade 9 L.A. teacher had once said she loved the way I "knew so much fun facts and little bits of trivia." That's just a nice way of saying what my classmate Ben had said (that I was a "Wikipedia that Won't Shut Up"). Either way, I am tomy, or tomysshadow on YouTube.

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    privacy matters as much as honor: greatly

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    systoolsoftware Contributor with 81 points

    SysTools established since 2007, is a leading data recovery company and our products are trusted globally by corporate and home users. We have around 50 K satisfied customers across 80 countries and 150+ products to fulfill the user requirements.

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    J0y Contributor with 80 points

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    Jpotato Contributor with 78 points

    Founder TeamL2D & Company, 2D & 3D Graphic Designer, Programmer C + + / UnrealScript, Webmaster, Web-Designer, Project Manager, Amateur / Independent.

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    s_ktt Administrator with 68 points

    Always seeking the best tools to accomplish a given undertaking with a leaning towards opensource.

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    Ola Owner with 50 points

    Hello! My name is Ola and I'm a appaholic. My colleague Markus and I built this site because we always wanted to find good alternatives for all the applications that are out there. And please help us by suggesting more applications! Thanks for using the site!