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    Venom88 Boss with 2781 points

    AlternativeTo symbiont! If you have some problems just send me a message :)

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    CharleyBoy Slacker with 860 points

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    christopherlupo Contributor with 753 points

    The Internet is my operating system. Computer Science undergard at North Carolina State University and aspiring web developer

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    startuplister Slacker with 604 points

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    180673255106429 Contributor with 378 points

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    rarestamas Contributor with 214 points

    We create awesome individual iPhone, iPad and Mac applications as well as Universal apps using the latest tools and technologies provided by Apple. We have expertise in native programming language Objective-C and we use the standard development tool XCode for a totally native experience.

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    Zivistrov Approved with 189 points

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    claudesg Contributor with 175 points

    I'm an editor for AndroidB, a source for android apps/games reviews.

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    Romie12 User with 165 points

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    aldomann Contributor with 157 points

    Open Source enthusiast, physics and sarcasm lover. translator.

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    lebaux Administrator with 139 points

    Hello there, I am admin here, if you want something PM!

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    Natterjack565 Contributor with 132 points

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    eapps Contributor with 131 points is making Mobile Apps & Websites affordable and simple for both small & large businesses.

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    Graziella Contributor with 115 points

    So many software, so little time...

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    wisd0m Contributor with 112 points

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    wumingshubei User with 107 points

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    RPodolyan User with 91 points

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    DamianN User with 89 points

    34/m/boston Interested in free-open software (anything fremium), virtualization and networking, as well as inter-connectedness.

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    ituni User with 85 points

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    LancerWonders Contributor with 84 points

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    Ola Owner with 84 points

    Hello! My name is Ola and I'm a appaholic. My colleague Markus and I built this site because we always wanted to find good alternatives for all the applications that are out there. And please help us by suggesting more applications! Thanks for using the site!

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    petermac User with 83 points

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    Jpotato Contributor with 83 points

    Founder TeamL2D & Company, 2D & 3D Graphic Designer, Programmer C + + / UnrealScript, Webmaster, Web-Designer, Project Manager, Amateur / Independent.

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    claymr User with 79 points

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