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    Venom88 Boss with 2107 points

    AlternativeTo symbiont!

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    andras_tim Contributor with 101 points

    I'm a software developer, who like complex problems and challenges, develope codes, build systems, search bugs and share my knowledge with everybody. I live for complex problems, computer networks and virtual technologies (e.g. vSphere).

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    rewerest Contributor with 99 points

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    lauraess Contributor with 91 points

    aussie artist/writer

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    yoshihiro Contributor with 87 points

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    titounet Contributor with 78 points

    Design d'eXpérience Utilisateur, Ergonome Facteurs Humains, innovation et usages. Gascon, Pyrénées, gastronomie, festayre, rugby, surf

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    Ola Owner with 76 points

    Hello! My name is Ola and I'm a appaholic. My colleague Markus and I built this site because we always wanted to find good alternatives for all the applications that are out there. And please help us by suggesting more applications! Thanks for using the site!

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    OlaMohammad Moderator with 75 points

    Good programs make me love Programming more.

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    Darf_ Contributor with 74 points

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    adgellida Contributor with 63 points

    Software and Hardware Developer at Equipson R&D Department

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    shubhamnaik Contributor with 60 points

    Android App Developer, Web Developer, From Goa

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    realnabarl Contributor with 59 points

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    FCorp Contributor with 58 points

    "Fahmy Corporation (FCorp)" is a virtual company which provide many Software to solve your problems for FREE!!!

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    Thelle Administrator with 57 points

    Love software & services that make my life easier and AlternativeTo is a great way of finding the best apps out there!

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    smkudelko User with 56 points

    I am a creative and technology consultant for small businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, home offices, families, students, and individuals. In addition to my love of technology, I enjoy writing, comedy, reading, music, filmmaking, politics, history, current events, and pop-culture.

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