ZipBooks Reviews

Quickbooks / Quicken Killer App

Positive Review by joelharrison
about ZipBooks Apr 2017

Accounting for my business used to be one of those tasks that I procrastinated.
Singing into my former Quickbooks/Quicken account only strengthened the "I'd rather be doing something else" feeling.

You'll LOVE ZipBooks becauseā€¦
- organized, easy, fresh, simple, and pixel-perfect design
- lightning fast support team
- CPA service that crushes everyone else that I've worked with before
- beautiful invoices

Take a moment to sign in a see for yourself!
I promise you this: You'll be instantly impressed.


Great Experience!

Positive Review by victortaranovici
about ZipBooks Dec 2016

An awesome software, easy to use, with great functionality that fulfills all your needs in billing process. It will save you a lot of time and it's FREE! As a bonus you have a great support!


User friendly, FREE, and thorough cloud accounting!

Positive Review by sarahtranter
about ZipBooks May 2016

I love ZipBooks. They are everything one could need in terms of accounting business support. It makes keeping your books simple, streamlined, and effective so that you have more time to work on your BUSINESS. I recommend ZipBooks to everyone, seriously they need to become a household name! Fabulous product, outstanding customer service, couldn't recommend more highly.


Awesome financial app

Positive Review by barryczerno
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

Zipbooks is a great financial app for the small business person especially if you have to work in the field more than staying in the office and reading over the books. It's very user-friendly and you get excellent support from the Zipbooks staff. This application is just as important to me as my paint sprayer and paint brush


Awesome webapp!

Positive Review by shaneredman
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

Zipbooks should be the go-to finance app for any small business. It's easy to use, web based (so you can use it anywhere there's internet available), and absolutely free! The team behind it is very friendly and open to ideas. They aren't afraid to reach out for your input on improvements. Very impressed about where this service is and where it's going.


Love it!

Positive Review by steveholderyahoocom
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

I have been looking for this solution for some time now. ZipBooks is the goto time tracking and billing solution for me and I am sure many small business owners like myself. It is easy to use, and quick to learn. The iPhone app makes it even more powerful as I am now able to supply a client a professional and accurate bill right on the spot and at time of service delivery. Wish I had had this program 10 years ago. Great job ZipBooks.


Awesome, completw, simple to use, and best of all FREE!!

Positive Review by quirkyjill
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

I cannot rave enough about Zipbooks and how it has changed the way i do business. Now, everything is organized online on this app. It's easy to use and understand and has everything I need to do simple accounting for my small business! I can send invoices, track payments even on the go! :) Love, love, love it!! :)


Amazing, Simple & Free!

Review by marcandrcloutier
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

This software have made my life much easier when it comes to invoicing clients, keeping track of expenses and keeping track of paiements. Truly, I recommend everyone to try it. I'm never going back to my Excel spreadsheet again :)


Simple, but very powerful application helping move my business forward

Positive Review by xavisavvy
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

ZipBooks takes the stuff that I hate doing and makes it a lot easier to track time, and bill expenses per client, per project, per task.


ZipBooks is a great accounting app

Positive Review by camillehanks
about ZipBooks Apr 2016

I was looking for a QuickBooks alternative and I ran across FreshBooks but didn't want want to spend money for accounting on a new business. ZipBooks is a great app. So far I have been able to create and send an invoice with a dummy account that they create for you. They also have a built in time tracker which is nice.


Zipbooks is Great!

Positive Review by markburton
about ZipBooks Oct 2015

Our international company was looking for a platform to help sync several of our foreign currencies and invoices. Zipbooks has been very responsive to our suggestions and would be a great choice for many small businesses from lawn mowing companies to photographers to security companies. The design is beautiful and easy to navigate, along with allowing you to accept online payments. It is 100% free so no real risk with trying them out.