Zint Barcode Generator Reviews

Great and powerful for bash scripts.

Review by RemovedUser
about Zint Barcode Generator Apr 2015

This little gem has everything you need:
It supports by now a whoppin' 142 different code formats, traditional 1-dim barcodes as well as fancy QR codes. The resulting image can be PNG, EPS or SVG.

It has a nice GUI and - most importantly: A powerful command line mode which makes it very easily useable in Bash scripts. The tool explains itself. Just type zint --help to find all the necessary information.With just a few clicks (or commands), you can edit width, height and color of the resulting code, switch plain text off, add a box or add checksums (for codes that support the feature).

Want an example? I got a list of hundreds of Names and wanted to turn them into "Code 128" - barcodes, one SVG file for each name.
#! /bin/bash

for NAME in $(less names.txt)
zint --notext --height=25 --directsvg -d $NAME > $NAME.svg


Until now, the code is only available as a tarball and needs to be compiled, but that should work flawlessly. Just follow the instructions in the "INSTALL" file.