Zim Reviews

Simple and practical

Positive Review by Pacien
about Zim Oct 2016

Extremely practical for organizing small notes such as todo-lists and reminders that can be linked.
Saves as plain text files which can be opened by a simple text editor and synchronized with another piece of software.
It has nice plugins for diagrams and math formulas.

I use it with Syncthing which synchronizes my documents across my devices, and Turbo Editor on my Android phone and tablet.


Lots of potential, but a memory hog

Review by 10basetom
about Zim and TreePad Jan 2014

I gave this a thorough run-through today to see whether it can replace TreePad Lite, which I've been using for over a decade but is getting a little long in the tooth.

Zim is very flexible, especially when you enable the plugins that it supports (my favorite is the Arithmetic plugin that allows inline calculations, e.g., enter "1+1=" and press F5 to get the calculated result). I also like that Zim handles the formatting automatically so you can just focus on the content (e.g., begin a line with "*" or "1." and it will be formatted as a bulleted or numbered list, respectively).

Being a true wiki editor, linking in Zim is as simple as dragging a page (akin to a node in a tree) from the left pane into the document in the right pane (you can also enter a term in CamelCase and it will automatically link). The linkage works both ways, so if you delete a page that has a backlink, all backlinks pointing to it will also get unlinked.

In the end, I decided that Zim was way too powerful for my needs, which is basically organizing notes in a tree view. The price you pay for all this power is memory consumption: this program is pretty heavy. I installed the portableapps.com version and noticed that even when sitting idle it consumes three processes (two Zim processes and one portableapps.com process) totaling about 30 MB. This is way too much for an app that I intend to have running all the time to keep plain text notes. My search for TreePad's replacement continues...


Didn't like that it automatically alphabetizes the hierarchical list.

Negative Review by rojocru
about Zim Aug 2012

every time one creates a new page and there doesn't seem to be any way to change this behavior.