ZeroShell Reviews

Zeroshell not to shabby

Positive Review by sambo
about ZeroShell Nov 2016

i have been using it for the past few days and appears to been a nice clean and robust' it was very easy to install on my old netbook with usb eth card and working very well.


Very good security solution

Positive Review by bizonu22
about ZeroShell Nov 2014


I highly recommend this product. I use it as a firewall , web filter and VPN server . Has a lot of features like Load Balancing and Failover, Wireless Access Point, Captive Portal, QOS , LDAP, NIS and RADIUS authorization and more you can find here This solution does not require many resources and is very stable. I have around 100 computers in my network and it works very well . I also have a virtual machine with Zeroshell they use as a backup gateway if it falls.