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Yunio Free Account Info

Since the description is a little vague, I decided to post here the info for the free account type, which I'm sure people may be interested of. Here's the info so you don't have to make an account first or have to search for it:

  • Initial storage space: 1000 GB at least

    (The storage space will be made up when upgrading. If the existing storage space has exceeded the initial storage space, the storage space will be reserved.)

  • Grow space everyday: +1 GB /day

    You can receive daily storage space if you login Yunio via the website in any given day, or via desktop client or mobile application.

  • Single file upload limit: 5GB

    This is the limitation of uploading a single file. The limitation in web and mobile is 1.5GB.

  • Number of synced folders (single device): 10

  • Number of shared folders created: 5

  • Number of shared folders joined: 10

  • Max share folder members: 20

  • Days in recycle bin: 7 days

    Files will be deleted forever when expired.

  • Number of revisions (single file): 10

  • Number of bound devices: 5

Sign in for more info. about the VIP and SVIP accounts if you're interested in even more storage and features.