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Lot's of learning Videos -1 Helpful

Positive Review by Deviated
about YouTube Apr 2017

I found some of the best learning videos on youtube. Things that I couldn't learn in university. That's why I don't use the word education, because academic teaching is filled with learning useless things. Here like some places of the Internet only the things that I need come right under my fingers.


YouTube + Julbul Combination is the best

Positive Review by aloysius
about YouTube Aug 2016

I'm using JULBUL tool to remove YouTube logo from embed videos and to get same wistia/vimeo player layout for my YouTube embed videos. This way I can use YouTube for business video hosting at a fraction of a cost :)


hate ads

Negative Review by andreasRM
about YouTube Dec 2015

I hate YouTube ads!!! They shows them all the time even on very short videos. I used AdBlock in the past, however s*y google bought this company and now it doesn't block YouTube ads anymore. We need some alternative for YouTube.