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alternative to youtube

Comment by malcolmbradwell
about YouTube · Jun 2017 · 1 Helpful

A good alternative to the youtube is Video Mapping Store they have a nice selection of video.


best video sharing and browsing site.

about YouTube and Dailymotion · ·

Youtube has no pirated content, no viruses attached. It is one of the best video uploading and searching site. Compared to dailymotion, YouTube has more content, poularity and relevance.


good but...

Comment by marycosme4
about YouTube · Aug 2016 ·

i think is great, you can find almost everything but this "parental control" they have for when kids use this, just doesn't work so good, you can find really weird things.



about YouTube · ·

I love YouTube very much. It completely substitute TV to me.



Comment by rondapuck1206
about YouTube · Apr 2016 ·

i have been using it for such a long time, i wouldn't change it.


think is great

about YouTube · ·

i love youtube, you can find almost every tutorial in here, every song, i really like it


love this

Comment by anikathompson9
about YouTube · Dec 2015 ·

i really like youtube, you can find a video of almost everything but maybe they should have better filters when posting.


Google+ Videos

about YouTube · · 1 Helpful

A huge gripe here.
But such an epic video hosting and sharing website has been ruined with unneeded and complex G+ Account integration for no benefit.



about YouTube · ·

Ive been using this site since the begining, it has changed so much for the best but Flash is horribleI wish this could go full HTML5 someday.


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Comment by realnabarl
about YouTube · Jan 2013 ·

Well, I have a question.
Are there any video sites won't re-encoding your video but just re-muxing it? I already knew, but it needs 2000kbps above H264 video now, that way too high.

I know that Vimeo has better quality however I don't know if this is what you are looking for

Actually, if you use , and upload a video , and make sure you select "Use the Original Quality" then they don't do any transcoding.


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