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Best app ever!

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Deadset such a good application. I was worried about viruses downloading a program like this and I never want to pay for things and you don't even need to pay for this but i bought the premium because it's just such a good application


Easy As....

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I have used a number of free YouTube file downloaders. Some came with malware, some kept on nagging you for "upgrading", others did not work very well. In the end I gave in and paid for YouTubeByClick. I wish I had done it earlier! It is simple to use, quite fast, and even converts the clip to the format you need. An excellent piece of software! Highly recommended!



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Once I payed for the premium version the application decided I needed to reset my license. I did. Then it will only download maybe one or two songs from a 60 songs playlist. Then it will reset your password again. I have tried getting in touch but they will not issue a refund. WARNING: THIS SOFTWARE IS TRASH.
It only worked in the beginning. Then once I payed it stopped working and tried to force me to pay more.


Great YouTube downloader!

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Best YouTube downloader!

I have been downloading with many youtube downloaders,
This one is certainly the best!

The playlist download feature is awesome

This was probably the old version. The new version is TERRIBLE.


My first toolbar I really like and find it useful!

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I had a lot of toolbars in my life, BUT this is the first toolbar that really do something!
It is really convenient to download music with this downloader.
And it have some cool features like create favorite list.

so true!

This was the old version. The new version does not work.

I'm using it and it works perfectly for me.