Yojimbo Reviews

Useful but Mac-only. There are alternatives that don't lock you in.

Review by JohnFastman
about Yojimbo and TagSpaces, Cryptomator Dec 2016

Yojimbo is a utility for organizing files on your Mac. It's extremely easy to use and very useful. However, it's not open source and it's for Mac only - no good to people who might use Mac but also Windows or Linux.

I recommend TagSpaces as an alternative. Tagspaces provides similar functionality, the basic version (which isn't so basic) is open source and free, and it supports Mac, Windows and Linux. Finally, unlike Yojimbo, TagSpaces can be told to treat different folders without altering the organization of your files. Feeding files into Yojimbo makes a copy of them that is stored and catalogued in a Yojimbo folder.

Moreover, whilst Yojimbo relies on one proprietary solution for sync, TagSpaces can be used with Dropbox, Cryptomator, and many others.


The more I use it .....

Review by panamajack
about Yojimbo Feb 2012

.... the more I find new ways to make Yojimbo even more useful. I've tried several alternatives-to Yojimbo (Evernote, Devonthink) and other "anything buckets, but I keep coming back to Yojimbo for it's combination of simplicity and power) Give it a try.