yEd Graph Editor Comments

Not recommended

Negative Comment by Shojimeguro
about yEd Graph Editor Feb 2017

• Portable yet Need java to run
• No label and auto resize for a shape


Thank You!

Positive Comment by Atith
about yEd Graph Editor Feb 2015


I've been using yEd now since third semester. I'm studying information systems at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Right now I've finished my bachelor thesis.

yEd have always been useful to me. In my study-time I used it mainly for modelling UML, eEPK and BPMN 2.0.1. But during my bachelor thesis yEd was especially helpful to me. The bachelor thesis was about process modeling for homogenization of the IT architecture. So, process modelling and IT-Architecture obviously played a big part in it. For this purpose I used the BPMN 2.0.1 modelling notation and the process support map, which is subarea of the software cartography.

I don't know which tool I would have used instead of yEd for my purpose. As a student I'm really happy to have such a powerful tool as yEd, not to mention that it is for free!

So, thank you yEd for providing this tool for all uf us. Keep up the good work so that more students like me can use it to get their bachelor's degree!


Atith Songtham


Powerful diagramming tool for free !

Positive Comment by User9472703
about yEd Graph Editor Mar 2014

I find this software very useful, invaluable and much better than many (if not all) commercial sofwtares.

Easy to use, smart, intuitive and a lot more : the perfect tool for high quality diagramms !


Excellent free software

Positive Comment by sunyatacl
about yEd Graph Editor May 2013

Since a couple of years I've been using the software and it has a lot of amazing features! Automatic layout algorithms give impressive results. It is great it's free.
It is easy to start with it, but it takes a while to unlock the real power hidden in it. It is by far the best free piece of software I've found and I am glad it remains that way. There are plans to implement it in Android too, and I can't wait to have it available in my tab.


Best Graphing Tool for many Circumstances.

Positive Comment by JoeCamel
about yEd Graph Editor and Microsoft Office Visio Oct 2012

bad things first. you have to play around with the program until you get a feeling how to get most of it. during that time, save your work if you have a pleasing one.
most graphing tools put the burden of aligning and layouting your drawings. here you just press "apply" in your chosen layout and the added items and their connections are aligned and put into position.
for some situations i would recommend specialized programs, like mindmanagers or visio because they were adapted for that special task(mindmanagers) or their number of predefined symbols(visio) but if you need a general purpose grafing tool i surely can recommend this one.
had no problems editing same file on mac or windows.



Positive Comment by leonardoroese
about yEd Graph Editor May 2012

One of the best tools for diagram/flow design I ever used.
Congratulations for the developers because of the great product quality and for the free release initiative.


Free and better than most others

Positive Comment by DmitriyK
about yEd Graph Editor Apr 2012

Well, for mindmapping there's MindManager, but for every other graph without any centredness (like mindmapping suggests) this is THE tool. I've tried many others but this is absolutely on top.
1. Free.
2. Lot's of options available (lacks of curving text along relationship arrows, but who cares!)
3. Can export SVG or EPS, which means any vector format.

I was going to support 'em with some paypal cash 'coz they deserve it 100%, but never found a link.


best piece of diagramming sw yet

Positive Comment by mna
about yEd Graph Editor Mar 2012

I tried them 'all', but this program has some features i have not seen before:
* really flexible connection points, which stay in place the way you want
* setting properties (like width/height) for more than one item at once

And it can export to non-proprietry formats as well.

Works great for me

[Edited by mna, March 16]


Good because it is free

Comment by Quaint
about yEd Graph Editor Nov 2011

but else I don't think very highly of it. It's lacks kind of in sexyness, or to put in other words the graphs and UML you are drawing are very simple and not good looking, nothing you like to show a client. But between programmers it is a good choice, well it is free and everybody can get it...


Not good for Mac

Comment by MortenJ
about yEd Graph Editor Sep 2011

I can see a lot of good things in this software. However I use a mac and does not use any of the conventions that apply for Mac OSX software.
It installs like windows software and puts a shortcut on the desktop!!!
When I click the red X the program shuts down.
I can't recommend it for mac users.


Still not better than Visio, but it's rather impressive

Comment by rimez
about yEd Graph Editor and Microsoft Office Visio Jun 2011

Though it's still not better than Visio, it's rather impressive and runs well on Linux.


This is an amazing piece of software. The best I have used.

Positive Comment by Mickets
about yEd Graph Editor and Diagram Designer, Inkscape, Dia Jun 2011

This is an amazing piece of software. The best I have used. I've used several methods of making diagrams, such as with Dia, Diagram Designer, Edge Diagram, Smart Draw, Microsoft Office, Inkscape,an online program whose name I can't remember, etc, etc, and this is the best I've seen.


It's pretty good, although hard to get used to if you've wo ...

Comment by porneL
about yEd Graph Editor Jun 2011

It's pretty good, although hard to get used to if you've worked with OmniGraffle.


Excellent software with a lot of features. I have mild trou ...

Comment by Boris
about yEd Graph Editor Jun 2011

Excellent software with a lot of features. I have mild trouble doing some things and I can't find some settings I wish existed. Either way, it's probably the best software out there for making diagrams. And the auto-arrange features are AMAZING :D


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