Yammer Reviews

Also very nice for external collaboration

Positive Review by Pascal_KOTTE
about Yammer Jun 2015

The description is not talking about the feature to create external "networks", where you can invite external none corporate email so you can engage collaboration, partners, sub-contractors, or customers. We do that.
Except the ergonomic is not perfect, because some button/menu not well expected position (like external networks on lower left, below the list of groups...)
The "unpaid" version is not limited in size, but you can't use the advanced management tools.
The paid version do not ask for money your external users, are total free.


Teambox is not a alternative to yammer

Negative Review by pontom
about Yammer Mar 2012

Yammer is a private social network, while Teambox is an app to manage projects, at least is what they argue. I have used both for years in my company and I cant see any similarity